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Sponsor a Missions Family

Parkway Pentecostal Church has hosted The Apostolic Conference for United Pentecostal Church North American Missionary families since the 1990s! The goal of The Apostolic Conference is to directly impact North American Missionaries by providing an atmosphere in which dreams revive, spiritual needs can be met, and like ministerial relationships flourish; all, without any cost to the missionary pastor and his family.

In 2019, 110+ families from all across the U.S. and Canada gathered in Madison, Mississippi and in Janesville, WI to be renewed, restored, and sent forth with fresh vision and power into their respective fields of labor.  

As you are certainly aware, costs of everything in our world continue to rise. To hold a conference of this magnitude requires everyone pulling together. We humbly ask every UPCI District to please consider allocating District funds to support the families in your state and send them to The Apostolic Conference. We also encourage personal sponsors to consider partnering with us to assist North American Missionary families to attend this unique conference! With your assistance, we can keep this conference available to minister to those who need it most!

Your financial support will be directly applied to the lives of the true heroes of our movement. These men and women give voice to the vision of Jesus that none should perish, but all should come to repentance and new life through Him!

Partner with us, and with your help, reaching North America can be a reality in the lives of our Missionaries. They are the ones who are endeavoring to reach One World, with One Mission, preaching One Message.

Complete the form below to become a Sponsor of The Apostolic Conference! Your sponsorship is greatly appreciated!